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Venus Factor By John Barban


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Venus Factor is a fitness program created by John Barban to help women at any age to reshape their bodies and have the sexiest figure that they always dream about, it is not focusing on losing some extra pounds like every diet does fat loss factor. It has more to provide beyond weight loss!?

Here is the list of some pros and cons of Venus factor program

Venus factor advantages:

Number 1: Gain a New life style- If you want to change your life forever Venus factor is definitely for you because it’s a brand new diet program created just for women that want to reshape their bodies and keep that change for lifetime.

Number 2:  Venus factor program lasts for 12 weeks in during this short period you will be experiencing a huge and dramatically change in your body, it will easily lead you from suffering of unwanted fat and bad body shape to a new figure that you will always be proud of for the rest of your healthy life. 3 Infallible Juice Recipes To Burn Belly Fat Fast

Number 3: The main goal of Venus factor system is to make you look sexy and healthy at the same time, so you’re enjoying your healthy body which will become more fitter, toned and stronger and its not some fake short change of losing some extra pounds, you will not be going through another weight rebound after following the proving to work method of Venus factor.

Number 4: There is a big myth which is following the same fat burning diet like men do, and that causes failure over and over again with all women and this is what Venus factor all about, it has developed a deep understanding about the big difference between the female metabolism and the male metabolism to make sure that you will never do the same mistake of following men’s diet again.

Number 5: The best thing about Venus Factor by John Barban is being targeted, it focuses on slimming down fat in your usual problem zones which are your belly, thighs, waist and hips, you will lose weight and burn fat in the right zones which will help you to reshape your body in the right way.

Number 6: Following the Venus Factor program does not require extra stuff or any special equipment. You will be able to do all your exercises at gym or at home with no problems.

Number 7: Don’t worry with Venus factor weight loss you will forget all never ending exercises, no more countless hours in the gym and starving yourself with extreme exercise routines . It is based on short and effective set of exercises. You will be amazed for sure.

Number 8: With Venus Factor diet you will not count calories no more and you will not follow restricted diet with prepackaged foods, instead you will eat what you love most and lose weight at the same time!

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Venus Factor disadvantages:

Number 1: When it comes to the nutrition part of Venus factor many women fall into to the misunderstanding because it gives so much freedom and maybe that will effect the result they will be getting, many women want more restricted nutrition plan…

Number 2: The number one reason of not getting the Venus factor program is that there is too many women that are looking for quick trick to lose some extra pounds, unfortunately  it’s all about reshaping the woman’s body and getting sexy figure, so if you’re looking for fast way to lose weight or whatever then Venus Factor is not for you.

Number 3: The main problem that faces many people when they try to start a diet plan is low level of dedication, if you want to succeed with Venus factor or any other program you must stick to the plan with 100% dedication.

Number 4: It’s already mentioned in the video presentation that Venus factor is only for women that want to lose weight and reshape their bodies, it has nothing to do with men, so if you’re a man just leave because it will not help you.

Number 5: If you’re suffering form any bone injuries, you can’t follow the Venus Factor Program because it requires to do many exercise routines.

Number 6: Venus Factor is a digital product there is no physical product that you will get after purchasing the program, so you will need to download it.

Venus Factor System

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